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Recordings are available for all Series sessions. Viewing 2024 Series recordings require access codes that are given to registrants. Click the button below to view these recordings. Series presented in 2023 include direct recording links for each speaker in the table below.    
In addition to speaker and session information, each listing includes links to associated source sheets, recordings of past lectures, and for upcoming events, a button for registration. To evaluate an instructor or learning series, please click here. If you missed a Series, you can still register to watch the recordings.

All sessions run from 8:00pm-9:30pm Eastern Time, 5:00pm-6:30pm Pacific Time.

Title Speaker Date Details and Links
Ravens, Stones, and Soil: Listening and Learning from the Natural World Sarah Chandler January 2024 Past Details
Cemetery Jewesses of Eastern Europe Annabel Cohen February 2024 Past Details
Zohar and Chevrah Kadisha Work – Rav Metivta Beth Huppin March 2024 Past Details
Berechia and the 72- and 42-Letter Names of God Rabbi Steven Moss April 2024 Past Details
Death and Meaning From Unusual Sources Rabbi Haim Ovadia May 2024 Past Details
Jewish End-of-Life Herbalism       Naomi Spector June 2024 See Details and Register
Touring the Afterlife:
Jewish Visions of Heaven before Modernity
Dr. Sara Ronis July 2024 See Details and Register
Moral Distress and Values in Rabbinic Texts about Death, Dying, and Mourning Rabbi Lori Klein August 2024 See Details and Register
Life, Death and the Days of Awe – Tentative Topic Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny September 2024 See Details and Register
On the Schedule – Details Coming Soon Rabbi David Kasher October 2024


On the Schedule – Details Coming Soon Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Seidel November 2024


On the Schedule – Details Coming Soon Rabbi Jericho Vincent December 2024


—- Courses Offered in 2023 —-
Out of My Depths Rabbi Richard Address December 2023 Past Details
The Dying Process Rabbi Elliot Dorff November 2023 Past Details
Medical Aid in Dying Rabbi Elliot Dorff November 2023 Past Details
Life After Death Rabbi Elliot Dorff November 2023 Past Details
Taharah in Israel Now Elissa Felder October 2023 Past Details
Chevrah Kadisha in Israel and ZAKA Dr. Yakir Englander October 2023 Past Details
Zohar and Chevrah Kadisha Work – The Kohen Gadol Beth Huppin October 2023 Past Details
Blood and Life Rabbi Ebn Leader September 2023 Past Details
Smachot Rabbi Stuart Kelman August-September 2023 Past Details

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