Chevruta Connections

Want to Study in Small Groups with Other Students?
Want one-on-one chevruta partner-learning?
Add your name to the list to connect with others who are similarly motivated!

To promote discussions, group learning, and deeper understanding of the topics presented in our courses, we have established a Chevruta Connections Spreadsheet. All Ben Zakkai course registrants can add their names to the list and contact others on the list. The idea is to create small learning groups or two-person chevruta (studying with a partner) to facilitate extended exploration of topics, opportunities for rich personal relationships, and a more intimate learning experience.

Please add your name if you would like to be in touch with other students to arrange discussion times together outside of the Ben Zakkai course sessions. This is an unmoderated connection system – those on the list are expected make their own connections and study arrangements with each other.

To protect your privacy, this contact information spreadsheet is available only to those with an access code. Ben Zakkai course registrants are the only ones given the access code and the ability to add their name to the list.

Please contact us if you have concerns or suggestions at