Learning Together

Explore and Discuss Jewish Texts

We are an experienced group of diverse colleagues who love to learn together through online study sessions. Our focus is the field of Jewish death practices, history, rituals, and customs, with the goal of exploring and understanding the richness and depth of our heritage. We start with the insightful texts and liturgy associated with the end-of-life and extend our study to historical events, contemporary issues, and important teachers.

We invite you to join in our joy of learning, exploration, and discovery, as we invite noted scholars to share their insights and wisdom. Add your name to our mailing list to keep up to date on our upcoming programs.

We embrace all walks of Judaism and welcome all to join in our explorations to learn and grow. No previous experience or background required! Everyone is welcome and invited. You do not have to know Hebrew to participate, although familiarity with common terms may be helpful.