Session Handouts, Texts, and Reference Materials

The Learning Series below are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Repeat speakers are listed when they first taught, with more recent classes included there.

Sarah Chandler – Ravens, Stones, and Soil: Listening and Learning from the Natural World

January 2024

Resources discussed in class:

Rabbi Elliot Dorff – Medical Ethics, Medical Aid in Dying, Afterlife

November 2023

Resources discussed in class:

Beth Huppin – Zohar and Chevrah Kadisha Work

October 2023 and March 2024

Resources for 2024 classes:

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Resources discussed in 2023 class:

Rabbi Ebn Leader – Blood and Life

September 2023

Resources discussed in class:

Rabbi Stuart Kelman – Smachot

August 2023

Resources from our Smachot discussion:

    • A Halakhic Ethic of Care for the Terminally Ill by Rabbi Avi Reisner
    • A Jewish Approach to End-StageMedical Care by Rabbi Elliot Dorff
    • What’s the Difference? CJLS undertook a careful consideration of the practical differences of law that remain between the presentations of Rabbi Reisner and Rabbi Dorff It was felt that, although the legal reasoning differs strongly, both papers tend toward a consensus of treatment in most areas, which would perhaps obviate the need to fight it out on theoretical grounds.  
    • Jewish Medical Directivesfor Health Care – And in accordance with these two views, Aaron Machler and others produced this form for Advance Directives based on the philosophical / theological understandings, affording us to choose based on our beliefs.